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In case you missed the All-Star game selection show you really missed nothing at all other than the selections. David Wells’ and Dennis Eckersley’s interviewing skills were horrible and Wells’ answers to questions were absolutely boring. Here’s my interpretation of what you missed out on.


Host: Mike Napoli is selected as the starting catcher. What’s your thought David?

Wells: Pitchers throw to him.


Host: Justin Verlander is chosen as a pitcher. Your take Boomer?

Wells: Nice ERA. He wins games.


Host: Yu Darvish is on the final vote roster. How do you feel about that?

Wells (eating a kolache): He’s Japanese.


Host: David, how do you feel about Josh Hamilton?

Wells: He holds a bat.


Host: What are your thoughts on the NL reserves?

Wells: I need a beer….oh….what? Yes. They’re  a good group of guys. Especially Harper.

Host: Harper didn’t make it.

Wells: Well…

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