Scooter Feldman and the Run Support Numbers



Well before we pull out the lynches and take out the torches on Scott Feldman let us take a look at the numbers here. Yes, all this blame is getting put on to Feldman but can it really be his entire fault? I mean tonight he struck out the first the batters in a very nice fashion right, 3 up 3 down is great correct?

 Then what happened, Beltre knocks in Elvis and we are off to a great start and it looks like Scooter will finally get the run support he deserves. WRONG!!

Scooter lets a 2 run homer go in the 2nd another 2 R’s in the 3rd and then 2 scoreless innings after and another 2 runs in the 5th before getting pulled in the 6th with no outs.

What happened here y’all? We did not score another run until the 7th inning when it was too late. We are already down 9-1 until Murphy hits a nice 2 run shot in the 7th.

Well now lets look at the numbers. Feldman’s run support is 2.9R’s/27outs while the team average is 5.5R’s/27outs (Colby-5.4, Yu-5.7, Nefty-6.0, Harrison-5.3, Holland-5.9, Ogando-5.0). This is just horrible. How is it that the Rangers cannot score for Feldman like they can score for the others.

So this all being said, can you really put all the blame on Scott Feldman. I think not but something needs to change before he gets the start again. Some advice to Feldman, maybe take the team out to a nice steak dinner before the game, maybe even light a fire under their ass by giving some heart warming speech about how this game is like the playoffs or maybe you should watch Any Given Sunday and use this speech linked here. I don’t know man, but really Rangers lets get Scooter some run support!




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