Texas Rangers are Still the Best in Baseball


While over the last 10 games the Rangers are 4-6 and even worse in the last 7 days at 2-4. Over the last 7 days Colby has pitched 2 quality starts (well you can debate the one against the LAAAAA was a quality start) but the offense has just not produced. The Rangers have been outscored 26-48 (that is almost double) and out hit 62-69. Matter of fact the Rangers do not lead in any categories other than BB (24-21) and SO (48-44) which SO’s is something we should not be leading in!

Though our hero Mike Napoli was struglling early on this season it seems that he may have found his groove because he now leads the team over the last 7 in R’s (4), RBI’s (3), BB’s (6), and tied for the lead in H’s (8) and HR’s (1) oh and lets not mention that he has done this with only 16 AB’s!

While all this bad stuff is going on for the Rangers lead in every batting category on ESPN and are still #1 in baseball!

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