Yu Darvish Debut


Well this day came and went in the flash of an eye. Yu was the apple of my eye and it hurt for a little bit. I have to say I am a little glad I was not able to see the 1st inning. I hear it was not something worth looking at. A 21 minuet, 42 pitch, 20 balls, 22 strikes, oh and don’t forget the 4-0 score at the end of the top of the inning. Not the best start right? Well hold on, that was only the 1st inning. Darvish went on to the next 4.2 innings in a great fashion. He had 4K’s and allowed 1R, 4H, and 1BB. Not a bad bounce back.  Darvish’s total numbers we 5.2IP, 8H, 5R, 4BB, 5K and a 7.94 ERA 1.16 S/B. (side note I am not to sure if this S/B ratio is a real stat to look at but I find it very interesting to look at.)

Now I am not going to be the one to say that I hope this is not how all of his starts are. But I have a feeling that this is not going to be an every start thing. So he had the first game jitters and it seems like he shook those off really quick after the 1st inning.

The way he looked after he got through the 1st looked MVP like, watch out Verlander. I was looking at the Newberg Report email this morning and he put it best  “ The amazing energy in the crowd – I don’t remember anything like it in a regular-season game – was really weird as Darvish’s night threatened to come to an end before Texas had the chance to hit.  It was still lively, but there was this nervous encouragement vibe, like 40,000 parents trying to put on the good face as they tried to help get their kid through a talent show catastrophe.” Well put Mr. Newberg.

On to today. Lets GO Nefty!

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