Sports Saturday:8/28/2010:Denton’s Best Fantasy Football League

So yesterday was the draft for the fantasy league I put all my time into rather than the other 3 or 4 that I am in, and I feel that for this 16 team league I made out pretty well for the picks that I have.
I picked 9 in the draft and picked a QB first.
My picks look like this by round.

1. (9) Drew Brees
2. (24) Pierre Thomas
3. (41) Joseph Addai
4. (56) Mike Sims-Walker
5. (73) Donald Driver
6. (88) Devin Aromashodu
7. (105) Donald Brown
8. (120) Heath Miller
9. (137) Dallas (Def)
10. (152) Lawrence Tynes
11. (169) Toby Gerhart
12. (184) Vince Young
13. (201) Davone Bess
14. (216) Victor Cruz
15. (233) Mario Manningham
16. (248) Brandon Jackson

Pretty Good I think,
Let me hear your feedback!!

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