Bobblehead Jason

Well over the past few months I have grown into a new addiction, that addiction is collecting bobbleheads. I know it sounds crazy, but there is this huge market for bobbleheads and more specifically SGA bobbleheads. (SGA means stadium giveaways) At any given time on eBay there are about 4,000-6,000 post of SGA bobbleheads up for sale.
Most of you will say “Jason, this is some fad you are going through and it will not last.” To those of you I say “nay” this is here to stay. It is a huge rush when you get a new bobblehead in the mail and try and find room for it on your case where ever it may be. And so you know, this is only the beginning. It will only get bigger from here. This is just the beginning of something great!!

I leave you now for a bit with a few pictures of my collection, go ahead and drool over them. I know its impressive, but not as impressive as it should be!

Rangers Bobbleheads

Dallas Mavs Bobbleheads

misc bobbleheads 1

Misc Bobbles 2

Misc Bobbles 3

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