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This was just spot on about us. *sheds tear*

Stephen Lawrence Beach

Ten years ago, I was floating through my second semester at a community college. You know, just getting the basics out of the way, or if we’re being honest here, stalling. Classes weren’t incredibly hard, and I took them with a grain of salt. I didn’t really soak in the knowledge or study anything in depth. After all, it was just the basics, I wouldn’t need these again. I can name maybe two of those professors now (Bob Sharp and Larson), but what was important was the people and the fun we had.

I spent most of my days hanging around with the few guys that were in the same boat as me. We were drifting through our community college classes for a bunch of different reasons. Either we didn’t apply ourselves in college, didn’t have the money to waste on four years at a major University, had no clue…

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2 Years: The Kelly Story

Well moments after I decided I was going to resurrect my website I thought, “What should I write about? What should I post? Should I post a picture? Should I tell a story? Should I just give an out right update?” Booooom, there it was, I should just write an update about what I have been doing for the past 2 years, but in installments. Over a week or so I will write up little excerpts about the past 2 years of my life. So it begins.

The Kelly Story

Lets start with how I met this girl. It started with a follow on twitter. She likes the Rangers and I like the Rangers; and not to mention those eyes, she has the prettiest eyes I’ve seen in some time so why not follow her? Naturally I did. We started to talk a bit and finally she for some reason agreed to meet me. We met and I saw those eyes in person, instantly I knew this lady was where it was at.

I had recently broken up with my ex so I wasn’t trying to rush into anything so serious, that is where I made a mistake.She is funny and even laughs at my dumb jokes. At 5’2, she could easily be overlooked in a bar, but i couldn’t take my eyes off of her. When she met my friends, she liked them. After 7 years of juggling my friends and my relationships, it was refreshing to be able to hang out with both. She was everything I was looking for in a woman. To this day, I have no idea what took me so long to see what was right in front of me.

Anyways, I am getting away from my point.

The first date was to see the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, and she was nervous because we hadn’t quite put a label on what we were yet. I was pretty nervous myself too, I wasn’t really a big fan of the latest James Bond movies, and she has seen all of them, nor did I want to mess this up (now that I think about it, we still need to finish our James Bond marathon). I picked her up from her friends apartment because she was house sitting for her friend. We shared the coconut chicken and buffalo sliders at Studio Movie Grill and she was nervous about the check (naturally I would pick the check up). For the record, she is pretty cute when she is nervous.

After the movie I would take her back to friends apartment and she invited me in and we watched TV on the couch until we both fell asleep.

Now this next story I tell is personally one of my favorites of our relationship, I know it is hers too so it is kind of awesome that it is both of our favorite stories.

The date is August 18, 2013. the day before my 27th birthday and the day my best friend got married……in New Orleans of all places. The night before we had all kind of went out on Bourbon Street and took it a little easy because the next day was the wedding. After the wedding and all the festivities for it a few of us decided to hit the town…..HARD. We went to a place called Bourbon Cowboy and I thought it was a good idea to ride a mechanical bull, it wasnt. As soon as the person in control moved the bull back and then jerked it forward I flew over the top. Now, it is 4AM and I cut my toe really bad on a street sign as we are walking back to the hotel. I am texting Kelly because she wanted to know I made it back to our hotel safe. Naturally she was asleep, it was 4AM for gods sake. Here is the text transcript so you can read it.

2015-02-13The first time I told Kelly that I love her

The following morning I woke up with an apple core on my pillow and blood in the sheets near the foot of the bed. You know they say you share your true feelings when you are drunk and with all the emotion from earlier in the day with the wedding you know I meant it. I guess it was then when I knew that I loved her. From that day on I have said “I love you” to her and I mean it even more every day!

The Kelly Story is an ongoing story and only time will tell how it ends.

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