Baseball, Apple Pie, and Vampire Diaries


Sometimes in life you are just plain wrong.  When I was 5, my mom told me I was playing baseball.  “Um, no, I’m not, MOM.  Baseball is intrinsically boring and a mirage of ‘slice of life Americana’.  Quit trying to control my life and live vicariously,” I said harshly, as I was a highly advanced and contrarian 5 year old.

“Just try it for a year,” she replied in an extremely mom-like fashion. “If you don’t like it after a year, you won’t have to play anymore.”  What else could I say?  It was a reasonable request with a built in escape clause.  So I played baseball that year… and the following 12 years… and coed softball in college… and at my company’s softball game…  and I watch approximately 75-115 games during the baseball season… and it’s my favorite sport.  I was wrong.  I love baseball.  I wish my mom would have started me at 4 years old.

Point of the…

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Thanks for the Memories Josh Hamilton


Well Josh Hamiliton, it was great having you here but I kinda hate to see you go. We have had some up times and we have had some down times. I’d like to say that I will remember you for your good times but all that will come to mind will be 2012 and how in the last 2 weeks of what could have possibly been the greatest season in Rangers baseball you struck out 18 times in the last 10 games. But before you do leave the Rangers and everyone starts to boo you every time you come back to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington I’d like to remind everyone of the good times you have had here as a Ranger.

Well let’s talk about how every year you were a Ranger you were also an All-Star.

Let’s also talk about how even though you fell apart in the most important time of the season this year, you may have had one of the best seasons of your life. You had 43 HR (career high) 128 RBI (2 shy of a career high) 31 doubles (tied career high) 60 BB (4 shy of a career high) 324 TB (7 shy of a career high). Like I said, one of your best years, but the number that hurts me the most is the 162 SO this season (also a career high) and the fact that you made 15 million this year (also a career high). What I want to know is why you gave up in the last few weeks of play? Why did you feel the need to say that you do not owe the Rangers anything? Why don’t you owe the Rangers anything? Do you not remember the time after you were down and out from 2004-06 when no one really wanted you and the Reds tried you out? Who was there to pick you up Josh, the Rangers were. The Rangers were also there when you had your first relapse and then they were there for your second relapse. The Rangers never placed you on suspension for that. They had faith in you and gave you chance after chance. But no more Josh, no longer will this be our problem.

I’ll be the first person in line to say thank you for every thing you have done as a Ranger but will also be the first in line to kick your ass out the door. As hard as it will be to replace a career .300 hitter and almost 40 HRs a season it would have been harder to see you leave if your efforts in the last few weeks would have not been so piss poor.

In the words of Fall Out Boy

“And I want these words to make things right

But it’s the wrongs that make the words come to life

“Who does he think he is?”

If that’s the worst you’ve got better put your fingers back to the keys

One night and one more time

Thanks for the memories

Even though they weren’t so great

He tastes like you only sweeter”

And on that note I will leave you with a few words from twitter when I asked people to say a few things about you.

@50ShadesOfBJ said “Sucks”

@RealNelsonCruz (not really Nelson Cruz) said “Can’t wait for him to be gone. His negative attitude and lack of caring is not what the Rangers need”.

And @TexRangersFan34 said “blogging is graffiti with punctuation’. Not sure what that has anything to do with you but it was all said.

Holler Josh Hamilton!

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