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“I have been developing the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness for years. It’s a perfectly calibrated recipe for maximum personal achievement. Categories include: Capitalism, God’s way of determining who is smart, and who is poor. Crying, acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon. Rage. Poise. Property rights. Fish, for sport only, not for meat. Fish meat is practically a vegetable.”

-Ron Swanson


Bacon. Wrapped. Shrimp.

Grill Recognize Grill

-I finally did it.

I’m not sure why it took so long. But the revelation came to me on Sunday night. Maybe it was the exhaustion from a long drive back from Rogers.

I made bacon-wrapped shrimp.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this on the blog, but  I’m a huge advocate for the great Ron Swanson. He might be a demigod. I’m not one to pass judgement. But he’s the one who turned me on to this delectable treat.

A brief history.

Caught up? Good.

So it’s simple enough. Take the bacon, wrap it around five jumbo shrimp.

I did that.

The tricky part was getting the bacon to cook just right. Conventional wisdom called for the bacon to be slightly pre-cooked, but I was too excited. This was bacon-wrapped shrimp, after all.

So I stayed out with the shrimp (and the bacon) and constantly flipped them a lot…

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No Pepper

So much goes into the ebb and flow of a baseball season. Hot streaks, cold streaks, pitching match-ups. Catching a team when they are hot, long road trips, injuries and more.   We have experienced more of the negative side of that, than positive. Specifically injuries to our rotation. Last night in San Diego, one of our healthy ones hung up another nice outing, as the Rangers picked up a 2-1 win over the non-lethal Padre lineup. We are catching a break right now. Our schedule is a little easier than it has been. We have one more Scott Feldman to get through tomorrow, then the conversation becomes about Roy Oswalt, Justin Grimm and the return of Derek Holland. If Grimm has one more two more stars like his first, this would light a sufficient fire under Mr. Holland’s ass.

Nolan Ryan knew Justin Grimm was a keeper.  It is high praise indeed…

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